EQ has a proven track record of construction within the power industry. Together with innovative thinking and an in-depth understanding of every stage of construction, our experienced project teams strive to deliver the highest quality construction to every project. Whether performing construction-only projects, production, prototypes or retrofits, we provide quality work and solutions. We punch, form, perforate, laser cut, weld, and assemble to your specifications. Our metal fabrication services are extremely precise and consistent.



We can cut it to almost any size or shape.

  • TruLaser 1030 Laser can produce your laser cut pieces from Mild Steel (up to ¾’’ thick), Stainless Steel (up to 3/8 inch thick), and in Aluminum (up to 3/8 inch thick) all from 6’ x 12’ sheets. The variety and complexity of laser cut parts are almost limitless, having many advantages over other conventional metal cutting, including reduced burring and distortion
  • 65,000 PSI Water-Jet can cut three 4’x8′ sheets at the same time. The cutting bed size is 72″ x 120″ and materials up to 6″ thick can be cut.
  • Plate Shearing Our guillotine or shear is rated to cut up 1/2” plate 12 feet long.
  • Plasma Torches To maximize uptime and productivity, heavy-duty cutting, and gouging in demanding environments.


We have industrial machines that can bend, shape, punch and form metal to meet majority of custom metal fabrication demands, with degrees of consistency and repeatability suitable for mass production.

  • Press Brake 400 Ton with updated control bends up to 3/8″ plate at 12 feet in length.
  • Press Brake 130 Ton handles more delicate projects.
  • Other Metal Forming Capabilities We also use our 126 Ton Iron-workers to help manage all the shearing, punching, and bending work that comes through our shop.


We rely on a fully automated pipe roll out welding system to provide us with the capability to create welds with fewer deformations and cracks than our competitors. Pipe Size Range: 2-16“. This system allows for the programming and management of all welding parameters needed for the welding of 1G welds on pipe, fittings, tube and components. By adding sub harmonic energy during welding it is possible to reduce normal weld distortion and cracking by 50 – 90%.